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Since 2019, town after town here in Poland has declared itself an “LGBT-free zone.” Today, one-third of my country is telling LGBT+ citizens “you don’t belong here.”

I wanted to feel like a full citizen again. So I teamed up with three other activists to launch “Atlas of Hate”, an interactive map charting and monitoring the “LGBT-free zones”.

We brought international attention to this attack on LGBT+ Poles, and supporters from all around the world have helped us fight back.

But now, we’ve been caught in the crosshairs of our homophobic enemies.

Several municipalities are suing us, demanding public apologies and high retribution payments that would ruin us financially and destroy years of work.

We’re fighting back in court against this attempt to silence us, but we won’t be able to do it without your support.

Donate today and help Atlas of Hate gear up in the legal battle against “LGBT-free zones”.

Atlas of Hate is run by volunteers. We do this work because we believe that by tracking and calling out the anti-LGBT+ hate in Poland we contribute to building a better future for LGBT+ people in our country.

We were hopeful when the European Parliament condemned the so-called “LGBT-free zones” in 2019. Or when All Out delivered over 330,000 signatures to the European Commission asking them to take action.

But then the lawsuits started coming. So far, five local governments are suing us, supported by Ordo Iuris, a group of fundamentalist Catholic lawyers.

If we’re found guilty by the courts, the retribution payments and fees could amount to USD 50,000 in total – a sum that is higher than our annual salaries combined.

Our enemies want to silence us once and for all – but with your help, we can go into this legal battle strong and show them they picked the wrong fight. We can show them that – with people power on our side – love will conquer hate.

Donate today and help save “Atlas of Hate”

Paulina's photo

Thanks for going All Out!

Paulina Pająk,
Atlas of Hate


●︎ Atlas of Hate website
●︎ Polish Politicians Sue Artist-Activists for Mapping “Atlas of Hate” – Hyperallergic, June 28, 2021
●︎ Atlas of Hate: Activists nominated for award for tracking ‘LGBT-free zones’ in Poland – Euronews, September 30, 2021

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