Cool generation and sexy generation

It all started with me getting a bit upset at my girlfriend when she suggested that I should watch a documentary where a famous she-philosopher speaks, “cause she is so sexy there”. In addition to the uttered undirect threat that I felt – she might find someone else beside me sexy, meaning I am not the only sexy or sexable person for her now nor in future, I realised where this perceived (by me!) fatuity – I watch/listen or I choose to watch/listen e.g. Judith Butler or Hélène Cixous like I choose to watch/listen Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga or any other “sexy star” – comes from. It comes from the generational difference. It used to be: He’s/she’s cool. That’s cool. Be cool. Cool meant autonomous, independent, distant, grit, it required a ratio passing a rational judgment on something, rap music, (pop) rock. I am definately from the cool generation.

Cool meant that you can only be cool when you do not try to be cool. Once it became evident that you try to be cool, you were everything else than cool. It just ain’t cool, man (you trying so hard)! Cool became sexy when one tried to be cool. Thanks to different revolutionary shifts in thinking – feminist among them – from ratio to body, warmth, private, instead of rap and rock latino music and folk etc etc sexy generation was born. Sexy means effort! Effort meaning how you look, dress, talk, walk, how you look is how you are. Aim is to be sexy and to look upon others as if they are (merely) bodies, sexy or not sexy. Saying that something/-one is cool was an aesthetical, political, even ethical judgment. Saying that someone is sexy, is beyond knowing and analysing, is perceiving.

Stay cool!

Ted Moroze


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